Online casinos have the advantage of enhanced convenience over land-based counterparts. Bonuses, promotions and loyalty programs also give them an edge and help with customer retention. Pretty much every Internet casino rewards active customers, but some go out of their way. VIP and high-roller casinos have special loyalty schemes aimed at attracting and keeping big spenders happy.

What is Special about Loyalty Programs for VIPs?

At their core, these loyalty programs don’t differ that much from the ones rewarding regular players. They offer incremental rewards, so active players are provided with the impetus to persevere. These benefits are available right from the start, but they get better in time and are more diverse. VIP loyalty programs are reserved for those who have made it to the top of the food chain in the online casino environment. Those who bet larger sums and spend a lot of time gambling are eventually going to join the elite group.

Reaching the summit is only half of the challenge because players are also expected to maintain their VIP status. To keep enjoying the exclusive advantages, they have to make large deposits and keep betting sizable amounts. Even the comp points accumulated expire, so players can only convert them into cash for that long. Whenever high-roller casinos allow the conversion of VIP loyalty points into rewards, players should make sure they do it before they expire.

How Can You Join a VIP Loyalty Program?

The first and most important step is to sign up for a real money account and make a deposit. Next, players are expected to bet larger amounts on the games available to accumulate loyalty points. These are at the cornerstone of VIP and loyalty schemes and help players move up the leaderboard. In most cases, the points can be converted into real cash, spend on branded merchandise, or use to buy in tournaments.

One of the most straightforward ways of joining the VIP loyalty program is to accumulate a lot of these comp points. Most casinos make it crystal clear how many points one needs to earn to move up the VIP levels. There are significant differences even between these elite players, so gamblers are motivated to climb ever higher. Some high-roller casinos have VIP programs accessible exclusively by invitation. When the casino considers that players are worthy, they invite them to join and reap the benefits.

How to Climb the VIP Levels Faster?

High-roller casinos sometimes tinker with VIP programs, to create unique systems that are easy to remember. Having said this, the vast majority sticks to the basics and uses precious metals to define each level. Basically, players begin from Bronze and move up to silver, gold, platinum and so on until they reach the summit. Some casinos have only a couple of levels, while others as many as 10 but the goal is always to reach the highest one.

Casinos that have well defined and transparent VIP loyalty plans use one of the two main ways of ranking clients. The most popular system is the one based on wagering, with players accumulating comp points based on the amounts they bet. The obvious thing to do is to bet larger amounts and extend the duration of your gambling session. A smart alternative is to focus on the games that have the best stake percentage contribution. These can differ from one casino to the other, but slots are usually the best, while table games in general and live dealer games, in particular, are the least effective.

Another way of ranking players is based on the amounts they deposit. This system is less common but just as easy to understand. To climb VIP levels faster, all you need to do is to deposit big amounts and then play whatever games you like. Casinos assume that once players make a large deposit, they are inclined to use the money to play at higher stakes. The downside is that although you make progress as soon as you load your account, there are no comp points to convert into cash.

Which are the most Popular VIP Casino Rewards?

Except for online casinos that belong to the same gambling group, most operators have unique VIP rewards. There are plenty of such incentives, so it can be difficult for new players to rank them and make an educated decision. They can, however, be grouped into these categories, which include the most popular casino rewards for VIP players

Deposit and Free Cash Bonuses

VIP players are likely to benefit from bonuses that are not available to regular customers. Matched deposit bonuses are awarded whenever players make a deposit; they usually consist of cash, but can sometimes be accompanied by free spins. Reload bonuses fall into the same category and can be awarded with each deposit, or once per week. They are subject to wagering requirements which need to be met before cashouts are permitted. Free bonuses are also awarded exclusively to VIP players, usually to try a new game or simply to reward commitment.

Exclusive VIP Tournaments and Events

High roller casinos want to make their customers feel special and to create the impression they belong to an exclusive group. The VIP rewards include access to tournaments with guaranteed prize pools that are not accessible to regular customers. Most of these take place online, but occasionally casinos also pay for traveling and accommodation expenses, so players can attend tournaments in land-based casinos.