For the fans of online slots, every gaming session begins with a single spin of the reels. Those who choose online UK casinos can hope to play at least a couple of rounds for free, by taking advantage of generous promotions. Internet gambling operators routinely offer free spins to new customers, as well as existing players, as incentives. Introductory offers are usually the most generous, but players can expect to receive free spins whenever highly anticipated slots are added.

Why do Online Casinos Award Free Spins?

Competition is fierce among new online casinos and they go to great lengths to provide players with reasons to choose them instead of their rivals. Welcome bonuses are the most effective instruments currently available to online casinos and they come in different forms. Some prefer to offer cash prizes with no strings attached, while others require players to make a deposit and have it matched. UK casinos with impressive slots collections prefer to use free spins because of their popularity with online players.

Free spins are easy to claim and redeem, which makes them attractive among both amateur and veteran players. They can be used exclusively on slots, but this is hardly a problem for the fans of the genre. Casinos prefer to offer free spins as opposed to cash prizes because they are easy to manage and mitigate the risks of bonus abuse. Players have no choice, but to use them on the eligible games and then meet the wagering requirements that apply to free spins.

Another reason for why online casinos offer free spins is that they don’t have to make any financial commitment. These bonus rounds don’t have intrinsic value and players can only hope to claim the resulting profits after meeting the rollover requirements. For all these reasons, free spins have become the incentives of choice for mainstream casinos and they continue to be popular with players.

Free Spins for New Players

No Deposit Free Spins

Most of the free spins are awarded to new players immediately after they sign up for real money account. The most common are the no deposit free spins which come with no strings attached and are awarded as soon as players register. These are usually offered in bundles of five or 10, but some of the best UK casinos go beyond this threshold. Some operators allow players to use the free spins on any games, while others require players to focus on selected slots.

Matched Deposit Free Spins

The most important bankroll boosters are the matched deposit bonuses, offered as a one-time deal to new players. In order to become eligible for these financial incentives, players are expected to make a deposit using one of the available payment methods. Some casinos offer complementary free spins to the first deposit bonuses. Once again, their numbers can differ and depending on circumstances, they can be released incrementally or all together in a single bundle.

Recurrent and Occasional Free Spins

Reload Free Spins

These bonus rounds bear many similarities to the ones offered to new customers. Reload free spins are offered in conjunction with the bonuses awarded to existing players who choose to load their account. It makes no difference if players already have money in their accounts or have extinguished the funds.

New Slot Free Spins

These promotional free spins are offered in the wake of new slots being released. They serve the purpose of bringing more players into the fold and convincing them to focus on the latest games. Recipients are expected to focus exclusively on the eligible games, as they are the only ones that qualify.

How To Redeem Free Spins

Some free spins are offered with no strings attached while others require players to make a deposit. In any case, UK casinos will expect players to redeem the free spins by using them on selected slots. Even when players enjoy total freedom in choosing their games of choice they are still supposed to meet play through demands. These apply to the resulting profits and differ from one operator to the other, so players should meet the wagering requirements. Some casinos also impose time limits and have deadlines to be met.

In most cases, the bonus funds can be converted into cashable amounts by playing them through 30 or 40 times on any of the games available. Some casinos will require players to focus exclusively on slots, while others are even more restrictive. Especially when it comes to the free spins offered to celebrate the arrival of a new slot, players can be expected to wager the resulting profits on the same slot.

The best case scenario is to receive no wagering free spins, which are free from any playthrough demands. Players simply have to use them once on the eligible games and if they win, they get to decide what happens next. They can cash out winnings right away or use them to try other games available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it worth chasing free spins?

Players should do everything in their power to mitigate the house edge and free spins are effective instruments. As long as the wagering requirements are reasonable and the UK casinos uphold their end of the deal, free spins are valuable. Players should use every opportunity they’ve got to claim free spins.

Are bonus codes needed to get free spins?

Some casinos will require players to use a promotional code, but most offer these financial incentives automatically. Select few will require players to contact customer support. In most cases, players need to make a deposit, simply because the complementary free spins accompany the matched deposit bonuses.