Where can I play European roulette online?

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European Roulette

Table games are the only ones that can be played against real dealers at online casinos. This makes them particularly popular, and among them, roulette is preferred by the vast majority of the fans of this genre. This is all great news for those who seek European roulette online, because pretty much every Internet casino offers this game. It is the paradox of choice that presents the real challenge, since there are so many options out there and players try to find the best one.

Play European Roulette For Free

Except for a couple of online casino sites dedicated exclusively to slots, the vast majority of gambling operators have a healthy selection of table games. Among them, roulette and blackjack enjoy the best coverage and the former is usually represented by European and American versions. The preference for European roulette derives from the fact that it carries a lower house edge, since it has a single zero slot.

The rules of play are the same and the return to player doesn’t change either, so it outshines the American counterpart in every imaginable way. All respectable casinos offering European roulette allow players to bet virtual currency and have fun without taking any chances. Play-money roulette can be enjoyed on desktops, laptops and mobile devices, which make it an excellent source of entertainment for casuals.

Live Dealer European Roulette is Everywhere

Players who are willing to make the transition from virtual currency to real money gambling usually embrace live dealer roulette. The vast majority of Internet casinos have a dedicated section where such table games can be played with real croupiers. The only downside is that these games are available exclusively on real money, so the virtual currency gambling options don’t apply here.

Depending on the attention they pay to table games, some casinos offer more or fewer versions of roulette. The good news is that European roulette is pretty much everywhere and when a single type is offered, it usually is the European version. Players can bet as little as one currency unit and win a maximum 36 times the stakes if they bet on individual numbers. Interactions with dealers and croupiers are possible and they get players fully immersed into the gaming atmosphere.

In both the original version and the live dealer roulette, players are often provided with access to useful information. Software developers display the latest trends and help players make a distinction between hot and cold numbers. Even though the outcome of the game is decided exclusively by chance, many European roulette players enjoy using various strategies. They appreciate being kept in the loop with the information regarding numbers they consider being due, so they can adjust their strategies accordingly.

European Roulette is Popular with Software Developers

With so many players enjoying the game, major software developers have added several versions of roulette to their online portfolios. NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech are just a few of the developers that provide partner casinos with dozens of different types of roulette. The only constant thing is the presence of European roulette, the most popular and widespread game.

Each software developer adds its own titles, with different graphics, sound effects and animations. The core rules are the same, so anyone who has played the game once will have no problem in experimenting with European roulette from a different developer. The betting window is wide enough to allow players to make an informed decision and even change their mind. The games are rich in features such as autoplay, which enable gamblers to bet the same amounts every round.

All the aforesaid software developers offer European roulette by default against the random number generator. Choosing casinos that work with independent auditors which certify them as fair will reduce the odds of playing against the crushing house edge. When it comes to live dealer roulette, Evolution Gaming is head and shoulders above competitors in terms of both game diversity and quality. Action is broadcasted from stylish studios and uses the best WebCam technology for an authentic experience.

Title: Where can I play European roulette online?

Posted On: 03/10/2018

Author: The Casino Sites

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