Slot machines have been for decades the most popular games in brick-and-mortar casinos, with casual players and veterans flocking to them. Not surprisingly, slots have earned their place in the online gambling ecosystem and are now featured at all online casinos USA. As the dominant genre, they have entire sections dedicated to them and players can enjoy them on both real and virtual currency.

While players don’t have to worry about the scarcity of online casinos offering slots, the paradox of choice can pose unique problems. There are so many new gambling sites kicking about and a lot of research is needed to make the right decision. The good news is that this FAQ guide tackles this challenge and provides prospective players with all the information needed to make an educated decision. Keep reading to find out how to distinguish between average and excellent casinos offering online slots.


What makes the best slot sites?

Online casinos offering slots look very much alike, but there are a couple of characteristics that help players classify them correctly. Slots are a lot of fun and if you make the right decision, you will enjoy every moment spent playing some of the best sites online. The first and most important thing is to be able to trust the gaming operator and this can only be achieved if playing at a licensed casino. Make sure the countries main regulatory body issuing licenses to casinos has been checked. They hold the gambling operators they license to the highest standards of security, so it’s definitely worth playing new slots with these regulated casino sites.

The number and diversity of games offered is just as important, especially for players who choose to gamble at a single casino. While every online casino today offers slots among other popular genres, the best slots sites have impressive collections, with hundreds of titles. They usually work with several leading software developers and the very best have also included some smaller providers, to ensure diversity. Speaking of which, players are entitled to expect an eclectic mix of classic slots with three reels and their modern counterparts with five reels.

A high number of slots is usually a good indicator that the casino has what it takes to become a long-term partner. The best online slots sites can’t dwell exclusively on superior numbers and must keep the bar high in regard to the quality of the games offered. The choice of software developers is important, so players can enjoy games with original themes, charming visuals and a high RTP. Players should be provided with the option of testing the games in demo version, before moving on to real money gambling.

What are the best slot sites in the USA? 

There is no definitive ranking for the best sites across the world, but some names frequently come up. Established casinos that have been around for a decade and even longer are usually preferred over their new peers. They’ve had more time to expand their collections of games and they are supplied by prestigious software developers, which have the slots certified fair.

The best gambling operators are the ones that offer welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions that reward free spins and other financial incentives enjoyed by slots fans. Once again, choosing a prestigious gambling operator with a flawless reputation will pay off in the long run. As long as players abide by the rules and meet the wagering requirements, they have an excellent chance of being paid on time and in full, once the bonuses are cleared. Free spins are invaluable instruments in rewarding perseverance and attracting new players.

Once again, the size of the bonuses and the frequency at which they are offered can make the difference between an average casino and an excellent one. Players should pay close attention to the wagering requirements that apply to these bonuses. The best facing sites & apps will make it easy for bonus recipients to meet the play through demands, so they actually enjoy the bonuses claimed. Flexible deadlines and reasonable turnovers are a clear sign that the casino values its new and existing players.

Are the best slot sites mobile friendly? 

Modern online casinos are fully compatible with mobile devices and the top sites make no exception. Players should be able to use their smartphones and tablets to sign up for an account, apply for bonuses and play all the games available. Software developers nowadays release only games that can be played on mobile devices and slots are perfect for the smaller displays of these gadgets. Every now and then, some casinos offer exclusive bonuses for mobile device users as an incentive to play on the go.

Slots have original themes and somewhat different game mechanics, but at their core they are perfect to play on smartphones and tablets. Players can expect the same gaming experience regardless of the device of choice and whether they play on virtual or real currency. The best casinos offering slots also have their websites optimized for mobile devices, which makes navigation a breeze. Another sign that you’ve landed on the right slot website is the access to filters and searching tools that help you find any slot quickly.

Online casinos advertise themselves as mobile friendly and for a good reason, since a high number of people gamble on smartphones and tablets. Those that truly belong among the best operators allow players to choose the manner in which they enjoy the games. The standard approach is to have the slots running smoothly straight in the browser, so players enjoy them in instant play format. The alternative is to download the software before playing, through a dedicated app that can be found on the website or in the Google or Apple App Store. In any case, these apps should be available for a free download.

Are USA slot sites safe?

As stated above, licensed USA online casinos are compelled by the regulatory bodies that have provided the license to abide by certain rules. Whenever problems arise, it is refreshing to know that a serious organization has your back and can settle disputes.

This is where reviews and comments written by former and active players come in handy and players should do their due diligence. The Internet is full of such information, so players should be able to compare several sources.

Security goes well beyond the license allowing online casinos to operate and accept players from the United Kingdom. The website should be encrypted with SSL technology and the payment methods available must be both fast and reliable. The same criteria that are used to distinguish between reliable and shady online casinos apply to those providing slots. Independent auditors frequently test these games for fairness and if they pass the test, players should be able to see their seal of approval on the website.

How important are progressive jackpot slots?

Any respectable casino offering slots should provide at least a handful of progressive jackpot games to its players. The best operators go the whole 9 yards and worked closely with major software developers, specialized in the production of slots with progressive jackpots. Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech are just a few of the companies famous for developing slots that can make players rich overnight. The main prizes are pooled with other casinos in their network, which prompts the jackpots to grow faster and set new records. Seven digit amounts are frequently won and many of the slots also have lower tier jackpots.

Progressive jackpot games are a key component of any collection of slots and for many players, they represent the main source of online casino entertainment. The slot websites should provide at least basic information about the size of the jackpots, so players can focus on the best paying ones. Just because the slots carry a locally won, or progressive jackpot, doesn’t mean that players should settle for a lower return on investment. An RTP of 95% and above should be expected from these games.

Why are there so many new slot sites in the USA?

The gambling market has always been one of the most important in Europe and worldwide and this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. Even though the constant change of regulation and the ever-growing taxes have a negative effect on casinos, the advantages clearly outshine the shortcomings. There are several established brands that dominate the industry, but the good news is that there is plenty of room left for newcomers. New slot websites are being founded every year and once they receive a license from the UKGC, they are ready to legally provide players with access to their most popular slots.

Brand-new casinos have the advantage of using the latest technologies and they don’t have to invest heavily in updates for their websites. They start from scratch and often outshine their rivals in terms of visual appeal, with crisp pages that runs perfectly on mobile devices. New casinos offer bigger bonuses and sometimes their wagering requirements are more flexible and easier to meet. As a result, players are more willing to take a leap of faith with them and open an account, which in turn encourages new casinos to opened shop and the cycle continues.

What slots do with the best websites offer?

The beauty of playing slots over the Internet is that you gain immediate access to a broad spectrum of popular games. You can find fruity themed slots inspired by brick-and-mortar casinos, next to modern games with 3-D graphics and high tech animations. Progressive jackpot games are also to be expected and even though most of them are 5-reel slots, there is no shortage of classic games with 3-reels. In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of themed slots, with some inspired by Hollywood blockbusters and in some cases software developers have created trilogies, or entire series dedicated to such a theme.

Are online slot sites legal to play in the USA?

The matter of legality is a very serious one and the good news is that any website that has a license can be trusted. Players who choose to spin the reels of slots here can be certain that they do so in complete accord with the law. Furthermore, they can also expect the games to be certified fair by independent auditors, so they don’t compete against a crushing house edge. In a nutshell, choosing a casino licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is a surefire way of mitigating risks.

How much money can be won playing slots?

In theory, there is no upper limit to how much money one can win spinning the reels of slots at popular online casinos. There is usually an indissoluble link between the size of the bet and the potential payouts and highrollers always win larger amounts than casuals. Progressive jackpot slots have the ability of making millionaires with a smaller investment, so they make a tempting proposition. Many of the best paying jackpot slots have paid in excess of £10 million, so players can hope to win life-changing sums.

How can I find the best slot sites online?

You could obviously undertake research on your own and if you search long enough you are likely to find more than a few top slot sites . The alternative is to read the reviews we provide and trust our recommended casinos, as we went to great lengths to single out the very best websites online.